Unnamed Melody (or: Cthulhacide is Painless)

Unnamed Melody

ttto: Unchained Melody

Elder One, Cthulhu,
You sleep, and dream of brunch.
Alone. Biding time.
Though You can wait forever,
I've got this little hunch:
When stars align...
    You'll see Your lunch,
    I'll be Your lunch,
    I'm free for lunch, choose me!

Still Your hunger grows, undersea, undersea,
    While You wait below, just for me.
Now Your time is nigh, some will flee, some will flee.
    Everyone will die, after me.

Now You wake, Cthulhu,
It's me You want to munch.
At last. Dinner time.
This neck, You long to sever,
Can't wait to hear that crunch:
Your jaws, my spine...
    I'll bleed, Your lunch,
    I'm freed, Your lunch,
    You need Your lunch; chew me!

Lyrics: Copyright 2003, Rich Brown (?subject=re:%20www.FreeMars.org/filk/iloo">)
Permission granted for performance or republication where no money changes hands. Keep this notice. For-pay and/or for-profit uses negotiable.
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