A dialog on orthodontia. To the tune of: "Woad"

What's the use of wearing braces?
Pushing teeth into their places,
Making more symetric faces,
Sometime, down the road.

Dress my teeth in such attire:
Shiny bands and bits of wire?
This is not my heart's desire;
Rather kiss a toad!


Toads, and mouthwash rinses.
Toads, and dinner mint-ses.
Strong toothpaste may kill the taste.
It turns out toads are hardly ever princes.

So show your mettle, wear that metal,
Keep it on until your teeth resettle.
Folks'll say, "You're in fine fettle."
Bet it costs a load.

1st line: from "Woad" (used for parodic purposes)
2nd & 3rd lines by Joeseph Kesselman (used with permission, thanks!)
Remainder of lyrics: Copyright 2005, Rich Brown (?">) Hit number: counter
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