(From the great American musical Portly Obese)
Alternate Lyrics—Brown

   and your dinner is greasy.
Got some sausage,
   slab o' ribs on the side.
Your diet's rich;
   it's your mamma's "home cookin'."
And doc says "don't eat it
   when it's fried."

Shall we dine
   on some eggs over easy?
Poutine's somethin'
   that you really should try.
Butter drips,
   and the bacon is sizzlin'.
There's luscious cream fillin'
   in this pie.

One of these mornings
   you're gonna rise with angina.
Feel your heart do things,
   think you might up and die.
Heed my warnings:
   if you find they alarm ya'.
You'll just have a salad ...

"In 2007 the CBC declared the outcome of a viewer survey on the greatest Canadian inventions of all time. Poutine arrived at No. 10, beating, among other items, the electron microscope, the BlackBerry, and the paint roller."—Wikipedia

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