Spacefaring Stranger
(may be sung to Wayfaring Stranger

I am a poor spacefaring stranger,
   The seas of space do not suit me.
But my home planet fell to danger:
   A change in climate boiled the sea.

The genes I bear are my forefathers’,
   A thousand years, I’ve flown through space.
Fly from my dead world to another,
   I am the last one of my race.

I fly to buy my kind’s survival,
   My treasured coat safe in the hold.
That which I’ll wear upon arrival,
   Just as I wore in days of old.

I’m going there to be a father,
   And once I’m there, I’ll sail no more.
‘Til then, I journey ever farther,
   To a new home on a new shore.

The star called Sol — my destination,
   There I will land on planet three.
A place ideal for procreation,
   One-quarter land, three-quarters sea.

I’m going there to find a mother,
   But humans don’t live centuries.
As each one dies, I’ll wed another,
   My children all will be selkies —
   Our children all will be selkies.

lyrics 2022, Rich Brown