Chris Dodd's Lament (SOPA/PIPA)

Chris Dodd's Lament

Our story so far: on January 18, 2012 a few websites joined in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US House and Senate. Ex-Senator Chris Dodd, in his role as chief lobbiest for MPAA, railed a bit too honestly about Congresscritters who responded to constituents and not to campaign contributions. That led to a petiton at to prosecute Dodd for bribery.

Lyrics: Copyright 2012, Rich Brown (?">)

(may be sung to "Somewhere over the rainbow")

SOPA, where did my bill go? Seemed to die.
Where's the plans that I had? [All at] once they have gone awry.

SOPA, checks I could bestow, votes come through.
Web sites screamed and my daring schemes all became untrue.

I got on Fox and made a threat,
How Congressmen I hold in debt should mind me.
My troubles mount, now some folks state
The White House should investigate...
Treat me unkindly!

SOPA, under embargo, gone astray.
Phone calls from near and far, go
"Make SOPA go away."

Mean voters made sweet SOPA shy.
We'll just rename her...

...and re-try...

By and by she'll fly. Hit number: counter
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