The NSA Is No Picnic

The NSA Is No Picnic

lyrics: Rich Brown
special thanks to: Ed Snowden
tune: Teddy Bears’ Picnic, a.k.a. Teddy Bear Two-Step, 1907, John Walter Bratton

If you get spied on by NSA
You aren’t a bit unique.
Our 4th Amendment is swept away,
We’re totally up the creek.
‘Cause every bit that travels the Net
They pirate it, to never forget.
And that’s a way the government does its spying.

When phoning, know that each word you say
’s recorded in great detail.
At Qwest, the CEO wouldn’t play,
Got four and a half years in jail.
There’s retroactive immunity
For any act of A.T.&T.
Another way the government does its spying.

The Postal Service is safe, some say,
But that is a forlorn hope.
It archives photos it takes each day,
Of each passing envelope.
The Bill of Rights says we are secure,
But many nights I don’t feel so sure:
So many ways the government does its spying.

Panic time for NSA’ers
They found that someone cares
About their horrible spyin’ ways.
Snowden made some rips ‘n’ tears
In the cloak they used to hide away.
Papers let more secrets out
They kinda look grey, they pout;
They wanted us unaware.
That ‘round the clock amassing of data
Is making us see red
‘Cause they are wired into everywhere.

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