I've Just Seen the Great Cthulhu

ttto: Chatinooga Choo-Choo
Pardon my noise, but I've just seen the Great Cthulhu,  (Thuuu - Lhuuu)
And all this screaming from me, (eee - eee)
Its just my insanity... (teke-Li-li, teke-Li-Li)
End of all joys; I've just been spotted by Cthulhu. (Thuuu - Lhuuu)
Now He's droolin' at me, (eee - eee)
I'm much too frightened to flee (teke-Li-li, teke-Li-Li)
   Knees of jelly, know His belly's all I'm destined to see,
   As I yell, He seems to tell me how delicious I'll be.
   Luncheon with Cthulhu -
   That's who I'll be into -
   In a minute when He's chompin' me.
You've got no choice, unless He chooses to eschew you, (Booo - Hooo)
Don't go climbin' no tree, (eee - eee)
He'll just be shaking you free. (teke-Li-li, teke-Li-Li)
   We're all beaten; no retreatin' will be changing that fact.
   Once you're eaten you're just meat inside His digestive tract.
   Won't you stay for dinner?
   Soon you'll know the inner -
   Workings of His physiology.
We're all His toys - no need to make Cthulhu rue you.
And should Cthulhu choose to chew you,
You'll be inside Him with ... (teke-Li-li, teke-Li-Li)
... me

lyrics: Copyright 1999, ">Rich Brown
(see below)

I was not the first to use "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" for a Cthulhu filk. The SWIL filkbook has "The Lair of Great Cthulhu" by Joan Carruth and Larry Press.

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