In a speach before cable industry leaders, Vice President Al Gore challenged them to "pursue with ferocity" the goal of universal cable coverage (homes, libraries, schools) by the year 2000. Gore compared his challenge to John F. Kennedy's 1960s goal of landing Americans on the moon (and returning them safely to Earth)...
...reported by Edupage...

The "Feel Like I'm Fixing A Bowl Of Ripple Chips With Bermuda Onion Dip And A Beer" Rag
(ttto: Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag, the Country Joe & The Fish song)
Yeah, come on folks in industry,
V.P. Gore's issued a decree.
You're challenged to ferocity:
By the end of this century,
Every school and home and library,
Gotta have CABLE TV.

Channel 1, 2, 3, its what we're waiting for. (tee-vee!)
Watch all night and half-a the day,
Across the U.S.A.
Channel 5, 6, 7, hey, let's vegitate.
500 channels, not one dud,
Whoopie; gonna be a spud.
Well, come on Congress, don't be slow.
Al Gore told us, "Make it so!
We need to have a challenge like,
The telegraph, the golden spike,
Or shooting men off to the moon.
Now we're shooting for CABLE soon."

Well, sit right down and see what's on
Merrideth or Paragon..
You'll drop a bit in your I.Q.,
Each time you manage to sit through,
A docu-drama or sit-com,
That's aired by Viacom.

Well, come on parents sign up fast,
CABLE TVs come at last.
Do it for your kiddies' sake,
Hooking up's a piece of cake.
Don't have the last home on the block,
To have its own CABLE box.


lyrics: Copyright 1996 Rich Brown