O Avatar

O Avatar

May be sung to
“O Holy Night”
Adolphe Adam, 1847
(English translation by John Sullivan Dwight, 1855)

O Avatar! The latest flick from Cameron,
It is a movie you must go to see.
I hear it cost more than a quarter billion,
But not one dime of that flowed down to me.
Each frame has lighting worthy of this epic,
Each sound is heard in perfect clarity.
    All in 3-D! With digital projection!
    IMAX 3-D! (Don’t wait on DVD)
    IMAX, IMAX! I wax ecstatically!

Pandora floats in space in all her splendor,
But just you wait ‘till you see what’s below.
New forms of life in every scene they rendered,
Each one suffused with a phosphorescent glow.
The Na’vi treasure all the life around them.
They see their world in perfect harmony.
    Fly through the trees! The beauty will astound you.
    It’s biology! (Each genus, each species)
    Biol-ogy! It’s all ecology!

Too bad the dialog is kind of boring,
But I don’t care; I just went for FX.
To see and hear and feel explosions roaring,
And mere suggestions of otherworldly sex...
Then Good fights Evil in dramatic battle,
And all the major actors are in the
    Climactic scene! I won’t say how it turns out.
    Go now and see (it on a giant screen.)
    Go see, go see! Go thou, go now and see!

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