StarQuest 2003
at Radio City
Sept 27th, 2003

Starquest '03 was hosted by Radio City and co-staffed by MN Astronomical Society, Minnesota Planetarium Society , Radio City and MN Space Frontier Society staff.

Images shot on Sat Sept27th, 2003.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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Radio City

SQ Visitors

SQ Visitor checks on a TeleVue scope

Tom Greenwalt
MN SFS's Executive Director and MAS's Secretary

Eric and Tom staff the tents

Eric (KA0YWN) Koester asks you to help support the MN Planetarium

SQ visitor checking out a refractor

Mike Lynch and Eric Koester

Signing a card of support for the MN Planetarium

SQ Visitors

Ringing up a sale

SQ visitors enjoying refreshments

SQ Visitors catching an episode of Jack's StarGazer

MAS Members Scott (KC0BZG) Hash and Dave (KC0KEP) Runkel

Event Organizer Dan (KB0XC) Fish visits the tents

Store signs

MAS/MN SFS member Rich Brown (left) discusses scopes with SQ visitors

SQ visitors checking out a 6" refractor

Tom and Rich explain martian features to a SQ visitor

Taking shelter from the rain

A slightly damp but still cheery Tom

MAS Member Jackie (KC0ODY) LaVaque looks for a place on Mars

Ringing up more sales

Refreshment table

Astro books 10% off

SQ visitor checking out a scope

Busy clerks

SQ visitor

ISS expedition 7 pics with STSPlus Display
MarsCon tongue Depressors in front

Ben (KA0PSQ) Huset in a MN SFS slide show

3D Star Map

Onan Observatory display

Light shield and MAS membership forms

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Photos by Ben Huset

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