StarQuest '00

Starquest '00 was hosted by Radio City and co-staffed by MN Astronomical Society, Radio City and MN Space Frontier Society staff.

Pics taken Oct 14, 2000

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StarQuest Event Poster

Display room

Maline Setting up refreshiments

Where is ISS sign

Shareware STS+ shows STS-92's location

STS+ Display

MN SFS Display

Trying to land the shuttle

Dave Runkle sets up his scope

Line to view sun spots

Setting up

Dan checks sun spots

Ben checks for sun spots

Shopping for supplies

Grand Door Prize

MAS Sign

MAS Display table


Onan Info

Cherry Grove Info

Metcalf Info


MN SFS Handouts

MN SFS Handouts

MN SFS Display/Handouts

Door Prizes

Computer Generated Projected StarMap

STS Landing Sim & Certificate

Scope staff and visitors

Sun spots (SOHO image)

another solar observer

Dave and Dan enjoy the sunshine

Door Prize Winner

Dan Fish and visitor

Dan Fish and solar scope

Door Prize Winner list

Photos & HTML by Ben Huset

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