MN State Fair
August 22nd - Sept 2nd, 2002

Some Nokomis members were asked to dress up in their Star Trek costumes and staff the WFTC/KMSP booths at the state fair but at the last minute, the station changed their mind and thought Simpson's were a better costume to have. So several members became Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa.


Images shot on August 25th, 2002. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

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Sunday August 25th, 2002


Bob Poate ends a 'hot' shift

Homer gets a head

Bart head in storage

Picking costumes

Ben Huset becomes a Simpson

Myron 'Bart' Ojate ready for fair time.

Myron helps Jared Speck into costume

Lori and Jared Speck suit up

prepping Homer

prepping Homer

prepping Homer

Homer and Marge mount up

Homer and Marge ride off

Homer and Marge ride off

Homer and Marge rideo off to the KMSP sister site

typical view

typical view from inside the suit

Homer and Marge ride off into the sunset

Maggie head

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