Marscon 2002 Fri Rm Parties

March 1st, 2002

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Andy Rabenn serves up a time lord party in Rm 1115
Hall Costumes
hall costumes
Klingon Party
Klingon Party in Rm 1104?
Convergence Party
Convergence Party maps in Rm 1121
Filk Singers
Filk singing with Rich Brown, Laramie Sasseville & ? in Rm 1101
Leaving the Con Suite
?? exits the Con Suite Rm 1100
Theresa and Steve
Theresa and Steve staff the Con Suite in Rm 1100
Rick and Sybil
Rick and Sybil restock the consuite munchies in Rm 1100
Dave Schaall in the Con Suite in Rm 1100
Dave & Son
Dave and Son in Con Suite rm 1100
Party Goers
Party Goers ?, ?, Dana and 'Tiny Tim' in Rm 1100
food table
Checking out the Consuite food table in Rm 1100
SLA Industries Party in Rm 1128?
Mini-bot, Fluff-bot and Fem-bot in Rm 1116
FluffBots in Rm 1116
Nicole Feltault
Jonya Pacey in Rm 1115
RakeHell Party servers in Rm 1125
Convergence sign
Convergencve Rm Party Sign in hallway

Hilton party Map

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