Day One of the RNC in St. Paul Protest Rally at the State capital

Photos and story by Dean Chapman

Hey gang you may have heard on the News we had some problems in Saint Paul. The Offical Protest parade was completely peaceful. Unofficial protest parade and its guerilla groups caused a bunch of problems - which of course got all the attention, they were in the main group at the capital and they formed up at the peace officers memorial and started about 12:00. So you knew they were gonna have problems as the main event was scheduled for 1:00pm. I went over to the capital about 12:45.

The Offical group at the State Capitol Rally was probably between about 5 or 6 thousand. Not 10,000 as reported in the media. It was a fairly hot day.

Noon at the Protestors rally from my house.

much less than 50,000 people! Much less.

Nice and calm, with $3.00 water! Nice rip off!

As you can our state leans to the left! Very few people.

Forming up for the parade.

Kid was not aware he spelled it wrong

Of course pretty flowers

kite guy #2 was showing off and a few time zooming the dome and the capital dome. He was not arrested.

Getting ready for kick off.

Protest on!

Part Two the Parade!

The official Protest Parade!

On the interstate 94 Bridge!

11th Street

The offical Parade being changed - oh no to 10th Street MY STREET!

Turning the corner onto my street. St. Josephs new hospital wing and my house on the left and car trapped for the parade route change.

Swat starting to assemble on my block! Greeaaat!

More Swat - Dean Land on the left of course. So I took my good camera upstairs as a precaution.

After putting away my good camera I hit the street. The guy on the right Secret Service with a great suit - is pretty concerned, and the new "parade route" is screwing up traffic a little.

Had a nice chat with several of my neighbors at the corner. The cops were pretty stressed out (now I know why, but they were polite.

The parade was peaceful, a few agitators were in the faces of these guys - they didn't take the bait, no it was a non event. The shortest Swat Person started to collapse about 10 minute later - heat causality, I hope she is ok!

The parade was moving pretty slow, it was a social event and it was really hot.

My neighbor Al Uhl out agitating,

Al and I join the parade - the parade is getting back to the original parade route.

So idiot painted his dog!

Parade back on route on W 7th.

At this the point the Parade had reached the end point and was doulbing back on both sides of the street - Mickey's Diner of Course.

Evidently this is the list of people held at Git! Ha ha ha, at least they are alive I said.

The Git List security person coming to get me. Nice Pants!

A Git guy really annoyed cause I'm taking pictures with my iPhone - "relax hippy! look behind you"

The group behind the Git List really was putting a great show! Great Marching!

I have no idea how these guys survived the heat holding up and bouncing the world.

Good humor and dangerous in the heat.

Al with his oxygen tank and motorized chart and I were denied by the Swat guys to go down 10th street to go down to the mall (and have a beer). And told to go down the next block so we did.

At Wabasha street we again approached the Swat lines, were denied, so I pulled my id "we live down here" it got us thru both sets of lines! We went down to the mall and a had a beer at wild tymes on the mall and lots of people watching.

Part Three - The bad guys.

I walked Al back to our building, and went down St. Peter Street, across the street from Heimies the cops had a couple of the guerilla guys arrested, and I got a cigar and stood outside for the show.

Then I was going to get in my mileage so I figure I will go down to the river at the The Landing, get my coffee finished my loop and come home. I knew from Saturday I couldn't get down the river via the Science Musuem but I figured I could walk down W. 7th and then down the hill - WRONG.

They have the entire approach to West 7th blocked off, I had to walk all the way back up to the Minnesota Historical Center, then down along 35E parkway to the foot bridge by United Hospital. I was pretty annoyed, and it hot out.

So I get down to the river an hour later and there is some event across the river and a large group of people by the fountains at the river - my normal walking route. I get coffee, listed to the bad music for about 20 minutes and notice the large group is still down there. So I walk over !

Hey Air Assult! All Right.

Dual machine guns on the Mississippi - I put on my socks and shoes and finished my coffee.

Whole bunch of Gun Boats!

I came walking of to see what was going on. I asked the cop and he said people are getting arrested, it was the Group that left the Capitol grounds at Noon and started their own unoffical parade thru St. Paint causing the problems caught by the Media. I took out my phone to take a picture - and the cop asked me to back up - no problem man. At this I recognized the groups t-shirts, but hadn't heard about the damages from their unoffical march and rampage in Lowertown. 300 arrested 130+ on felonies!

It's a rodeo and NO ONE WAS MISTREATED when I was there.

The Bad Protestors even had their own medics - who didn't want their picture taken "too bad you assholes." "Stop me!?" Pussies!

Very poor form and obvious advanced planning of bad behavior.

Half of this crowd observing the mass arrest were the 50 or so bad people when I started looking at them. I said "what are you guys doing to get Gun Boats covering us" in the crowd here? No answer. "Guys those are machine guns out there!"

Sheriff Bob "under investigation by the FBI" Fletcher of Ramsey County - looking for his son among the group ha ha ha.

Sheppard Road blocked off!

So I walked up to Crocus Hill and had dinner at the Happy Gnome, and started walking home.

My favorite of Paul Manship on Summit.

True Blue Minnesota - with their slant across from the Minnesota Historical Center.

Then I walked into an entire company of National Guard Deploying to be holding the Hill the Historical Center is on - they needed a battalion minium. I asked them if I was going to be able to walk home from there or not. One guy couldn't talk - I said don't worry man, I'll come back and help I live just over there.

The last picket line of national guard troops - very very tense boys, two blocks from my house.

Back at 10th street there was broken glass on the corner, so I got a broom from Harvey one of our two attendants on duty, and we got the broken glass off the street. I'm angry about that wreck your own street you losers.

I end my day up at Sayi-ja with Gabe and David. Driving home at 10:41 Saint Paul was back to normal.

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