Government on Display @ MoA in 2003

Images shot on Feb 9th, 2003. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

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MoA Gov on Display Expo

Government on Display @ MOA

Shuttle Discovery 1:6 Scale

Shuttle Discovery 1:6 Scale

FAA's ?? visits with NASA Lewis staffers Orlando Thompson Sr. & Richard Manco II

X-Plane Flight Simulator

Back of Shuttle Discovery 1:6 Scale

Back of Shuttle Discovery 1:6 Scale

NASA Lewis Staffers

MN Air National Guard

MN Air National Guard and C-130 Sim

Shuttle Columbia's (STS-107) Condolence Book

Star Huset signs the book

Navy's Inflate-a-person

Food Safety's 'Mr Thermo'

Sam Goody Court

International Space Station Model 1:144

Night Wing, U.S. Air Force Rock Band



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