Yuri's Night 2005
60 parties 21 countries
April 12th, 2005 at
Joe's Garage
Minnepolis, MN USA

Some MN SFS, MAS and MN Planetarium members got together at Joe's Garage to celebrate Yuri's Night.

We listened to To Touch the Stars from Prometheus Music and watched a Yuri's Night Greeting from the crew of ISS, had a great meal, tested our space trivia knowledge with the Yuri's Night Quiz and discussed issues of the day.

Images shot on Tuesday April 12th, 2005.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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Joe's Garage

ISS 10 video

Party Goers Cindy & Becky

Party Goers Craig & Rich

Party Goers Bob, Lynn & Craig

Party Goers

Party Goers

Yuri's Night sign

Joe's Garage

Yuri nite 05 Logo Party map

Photos by Ben Huset

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