Jan. Movie 2005

Movie Night
Tuesday Jan. 25th, 2005
6:00-9:00pm CST

Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon)

In 1929, director Fritz Lang released the film Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon), a prophetic vision of space travel. In it, a group of adventurers travels by rocket to search for gold on the Moon. Their ship is the Friede, a futuristic multi-stage, liquid-fuelled rocket designed for the film by Germany's leading spaceflight pioneer, Hermann Oberth. So advanced was the design that the German government later seized the drawings, models and prints of the film, considering them state secrets. The movie helped generate tremendous interest in rocketry in Germany, and was the most realistic depiction of space flight until the 1950s.

St. Louis Park Library
3240 Library Lane
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Images shot on Tuesday Jan 25th, 2005.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300

(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger 1040x722 JPEG image)

St. Louis Park Library

St. Louis Park Library

Movie & Paper Rocket sheets

Movie & Paper Rocket sheets



Download and make your own 1:144 paper model of spaceship Friede :
scroll down to Moon Rocket Friede
Thanks to Currel Graphics for this model. 2 zipped PDF files.

Photos by Ben Huset

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