Nov. Meeting 2004

Public Meeting
Tuesday Nov. 9th, 2004
7:00-9:00pm CDT

Topic :Interstellar Navigation 101
Speaker: Ben Huset
MN SFS - State Councilor
Ben at

Location: Hennepin Public Library
Meeting Room
5280 Grandview Square
Edina, MN

Images shot on Tuesday Nov 9th, 2004.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300

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Main speaker Ben Huset
(File photo)

Sites mentioned in main talk:
Arabic Star Names --
Galactic Gazetteer --
Internet Stellar Database --
Orbital and Celestial Mechanics Web Site --
Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission --
Hyades in 3D --
Relativity Calculator --
C-ship: Relativistic ray traced images --
Extra-solar Planets Catalog --
California & Carnegie Planet Search ExoPlanets --
PlanetQuest 3d New Worlds Atlas --
Starry Night --

To View Ben Huset's Power Point presentation :
Interstellar-Navigation-101a 15.3 Meg file

To View Ben's Power Point presentation :
Space Update Nov 2004 edition 7.3 Meg file

Get a free Powerpoint 2003 viewer program from Microsoft here. 1.9 meg file

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Photos by Ben Huset

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