MN SFS Rover Lander Challenge
June 26, 2004

Images shot on Saturday June 26, 2004.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300

MN SFS decided to try for the Rocket Rover Lander Challenge contest.

...Lander Challenge requires a competing team to launch a sport rocket containing a simulated lander, to safely land the lander, and to deploy a rover. The rover must then be remotely navigated to a predetermined spot on the flying field...

So we used an "off the shelf" Plantraco table top rover with PTV and an off the shelf rocket kit.

We used the rocket range of Tripoli Southern Minnesota High Power Rocketry Club Chapt #112. Just outside rural Maple Island, MN.

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Hwy 251 Exit#18

Downtown Maple Island

Craig applying MNSFS logo

Craig & Rocket

Craig & Rocket

Tom inspects the rocket

Craig Packs chutes

Launch Control Officer (LCO) & Range Safety Officer (RSO)


Dave helps Craig with paperwork

Eric shows his rocket TV Cam

TV Cam Rocket

Rocket Grill

Wait Craig!

More Paperwork

Craig wires the rocket

Awaiting T-0

"The Goal"


Crash Landing

Booster Damage

While the launch went well, the rover experienced 'premature vehicle separation' and exited the rocket during chute deploy and fell about 1100 ft. winding up in a 'non-functional mode'. Sorta like the Mars Polar Lander :(

Oh well, try again next year.

Photos by Ben Huset

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