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Ken Croswell
Magnificent Mars
Feb 10th, 2004

Images shot on Tuesday Feb 10th, 2004.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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Promo Poster

Crowd shot

Bob does intros

Bob promos posters

Ken Croswell answers questions

Ken answers questions

Ken signs a book

MER Lego Model

MER Lego Model

MER Lego Model

Ken answers questions

Ken answers questions

Looking at Mars sample

Looking at Mars sample

Ken answers questions

MARS Author Event

WHO: Mars Guest Speaker & Author Ken Croswell

WHAT: His new book: Magnificent Mars (books available at event)

WHEN: 7:00pm Tuesday, February 10

WHERE: University of Minnesota, Room 150 Physics Bldg, 116 Church St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

WHY: Because Mars is hot! (well, not physically)

HOW MUCH: Free and open to the public

Sponsored By: The Minnesota Planetarium Society & the University of Minnesota

For directions, call 612.626.7275

Celebrate Mars with the Minnesota Planetarium Society (MnPS) and the University of Minnesota at 7:00pm in room 150 in the Physics Bldg on Tuesday February 10th. Guest speaker and author Ken Croswell will talk about the red planet and his new book Magnificent Mars. Owen Gingerich, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says that "Ken Croswell has done it again! By combining specially processed images of Mars with an elegant and informative text, he offers us a feast for the mind as well as the eyes." Robert Zubrin, author of The Case for Mars and President of the Mars Society comments: "At last, a work that synthesizes the latest discoveries on the red planet into an accessible yet accurate form. Magnificent Mars is a magnificent book." Croswell is also the author of several highly acclaimed books, including Magnificent Universe and See the Stars: Your First Guide to the Night Sky. He earned his Ph.D. in astronomy from Harvard University and lives in Berkeley, California.

Also, a real Mars meteorite will be on display! Courtesy, Bob Pepin, Univ. of Minnesota

Photos by Ben Huset

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