MN SFS makes a M.E.R. Model
Feb. 2004

Inspired by Erik te Groen's Paper Rover we decided to make our own Mars Rover.

Look for this @ Marscon and other places.

Images shot on Thurs 5th, 2004 in Craig's basement.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger 640x480 JPEG image)

Craig hammers away

Craig with MER

Craig with MER

Ben with MER

Feb 16, 2004

Jim surveys parts

Mock solar cells

Painted solar panels

camera mast swivil

camera mast base

lower camera mast assembly

upper camera mast pieces

camera mast base parts

camera mast base pieces

camera mast down

Camera mast up, sans cameras

mock solar panel

Jim cuts more solar cells

Camera mast up

Camera mast down

more to come....

Photos by Ben Huset

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