51-L and STS-107 in 2003

Images shot on Jan 16th and Feb 3rd, 2003. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

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Radio City Display

On the day of launch of STS-107 I added the 107 section.

ISS / STS-107 Display @ Radio City

ISS / STS-107 Display @ Radio City

ISS / STS-107 Display @ Radio City

ISS section of Display @ Radio City

STS-107 section of Display @ Radio City

Monday Feb 3rd, 2003

A few blocks from my house in New Brighton, MN USA, there is a STS-51L (Challenger) memorial. It was build back in 1990, and then mostly forgotten. It isn't kept up, especially in the winter, the snow isn't shoveled by the park or anything So each Jan 28th, I'd stop by and brush off the snow. Well this Jan 28th there was no snow to remove but it did snow on Feb 2nd. I stopped by on Feb 3rd to do my annual snow removal and found some flowers buried in the snow. I guess I'm not the ONLY person who visits there.

Veterans Park Sign

Flags at 1/2 staff

Found Flowers

Frozen Flowers

Frozen Flowers

Broken O-Ring

51-L Plate

Gregory Jarvis

Christa McAuliffe

Francis Scobee

Michael Smith

Ellison Onizuka

Judith Resnik

Ronald McNair

Flags at 1/2 staff

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