MN Planetarium's
Former Director Robert Bonadurer's Sendoff

Bob leaves the twin cities to become the Planetarium Director at the Univ of Texas - Arlington.

We wish him well.

Images shot on Tuesday March 22nd, 2005.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300

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Joe's Garage


Vicki, Bob & friends


Parke & Ron

Ed & Eric

Deane & Dave

Bob, Rod & Ron

MPS President Parke Kunkle

Mr & Mrs Bonadurer

JPL Solar Sys ambassador Ron Schmit

Ron speaks

Ron presents an award to Bob

Ron presents an award from JPL to Bob

Ron & Bob

JPL Award


Mpls Proclamation

Lawrence Rudnick with New TrES-1 Spitzer IR data

TrES-1 Spitzer data




Parke, Bob & Larry

Joel, Jen, Parke & Bob

John, Janet & Rochelle

Don, Aryonne & Sally

Eric, Rod & Peggy

Sally signing guest book

Peg, Rod, Ron & Deane

Peggy, Rod, Ron & Geoff

Eric, Ed, Bob

guests Jane, Janet, Rochelle & Bob

Rick & Parke

Larry & Vicki

Peg, Rod & Ron

Peg, Janet & Rod

opening gifts

opening gifts

Bob, Bob & Rod

Tom & Bob

Mpls Skyline

Photos by Ben Huset

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