Space Day 2004
May 1st, 2004

Hosted by Eisenhower (co-sponsored by Lockheed Martin, Eagan, MN)


Who: MN Planetarium Soc., MN Astronomy Soc., MN Space Frontier Soc., Science Museum of MN, Eisenhower Observatory, U of MN Astro Dept. and Lockheed Martin, Eagan MN
Where: Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 W. Hwy 7, Hopkins, MN
When: Saturday, May 1st, 11am to 11pm
Why: To celebrate the joy of exploration and discovery.
Cost: None.

Images shot on Saturday May 1st, 2004.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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Hopkins Eisenhower Community Center

Space Day Schedule

Theater Sign

Hall Balloons

Bob Bonadurer introduces NASA Astronaut
Story Musgrave

Dr. Story Musgrave

Story & Bob

Physics Force U of MN

Bob with Mars Rock

Deadly Mars Rock, Dogs beware!

Mars Rocks! the SMM

Mars Rocks! Joel Halvorson from the SMM

Mars Rocks! John & Joel Halvorson from the SMM

MN SFS's Life Size Mars Rover Model

Rover visitors

Lawrence Rudnick & Dawn Kenyon helps staff a table

Dawn Kenyon minds the cash box

Bob Bonadurer talks about the New MN Planetarium

Q & A

Lauren asks Story a question

Ben & Story

Larry answers Orry questions

Solar Observing

Karina Leppik

Mike Malloy staffs a solar scope

Solar Observing

Sun Spots and a dirty eyepiece

Solar Observing


Observatory sign


Activity Room

Activity Room

Rich Brown helps out in the Activity Room

Activity Room

NASA Handouts

Activity Room

ISS Handouts

Astro Bear & STSPlus

Activity Room

Mars Egg Lander
Packing the payload

3...2...1... Drop.

Touch down!

Did it survive?

Did it survive?




Balloon Rockets

Balloon Rockets

Balloon Rockets

Lynn helps with Balloon Rockets

Balloon Rockets

Venus Transit Video


Presentation Sched.

Ron Schmit talks about observing Eta Car

Karina Leppik talks about South Pole Astronomy

Karina Leppik

Karina Leppik shows what to wear at the S.Pole

Karina Leppik Q & A

Crowd going home

Clouded out obsering

Photos by Ben Huset

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