MN Planetarium
Fall Equinox 2004
Sept 22nd, 2004

Images shot on Wednesday Sept 22nd, 2004.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300.

Celebrate the arrival of autumn at the Planetarium's equinox event at the Eisenhower Observatory in Hopkins, 1001 West Hwy 7.

Telescopes Targets:

We'll also have our family astro-acivity room and stellar media presentations on the latest and greatest from Mars, Saturn, and Genesis!

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Eisenhower Community Center

Eisenhower Community Center

Bill Bynum sets up

Dawn Kenyon staffs a table

Bob Bonadurer updates visitors on Mars

?? & George Skinner

NASA handouts

MN SFS coloring handouts

NASA handouts

Visitors pick outs some handouts

Becky Huset takes a look a the Moon

ISS pass info

Carolyne Erickson with her 6" Dob

Parke Kunkle takes one last look

Photos by Ben Huset

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