Feb. Meeting 2005

Public Meeting
Tuesday Feb. 3rd, 2005
7:00-9:00pm CDT

Topic :"Stars on the Edge"
Speaker: Dr.Roberta Humphreys
Associate Dean
IT Distinguished Professor
U of MN

Location: SMM

St Paul, MN

Images shot on Tuesday Feb 3rd, 2005.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300

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President Mike shows off
new scope and STV CCD camera

Mike staffs the Welcome table

Dr. Humphreys points out spectra



Dr. Humphreys points out a feature

Dr. Humphreys points out a feature

Dr. Humphreys points out a feature

Dr. Humphreys points out a feature

Dr. Humphreys points out a feature of
Variable A in M33

Dr. Humphreys points out a feature of
Variable A in M33

Mike presents the budget

Subject:          [Mas] This Thursday: Roberta Humphreys
   Date:          Tue, 1 Feb 2005 21:19:38 -0600
   From:          Michael Koppelman 

I'm sure a more general announcement of the upcoming meeting will be 
forthcoming, but I want to make sure everyone knows that Dr. Roberta 
Humphreys from the University of Minnesota will be speaking at the 
monthly meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the Science Museum of 

Dr. Humphreys is a very well-known astronomer. Among many milestones in 
her career I'll mention a couple: she did a lot of work with Allan 
Sandage on M33, some of which is documented in the book "Lonely Hearts 
of the Cosmos". She, along with her husband Kris Davidson, discovered 
the "Humphrey-Davidson Limit" -- a stability limit on massive stars. 
She is also an expert on massive stars and Eta Carinae.

She is also on the Space Telescope Institute Council and is an
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (I.T.) at the UofM.

Her talk Thursday will cover, in her words:

I'll talk about some of the cool hypergiants I've been
working on over the past few years. The data includes some interesting
images from HST of VY CMa, IRC+10420, and NML Cyg and I can include
bright stars like rho Cas which is a good target for amateurs. VY CMa is
also good for amateurs with its visible nebula. And I'll mention Var
A! So my title will be "Stars on the Edge".

Some links about Roberta from the web:

Hope you'll join us! Cheers, Michael Koppelman www.lolife.com/astronomy/

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