B.A.D. (Big Aperture Dob) Training / CG star party
Saturday June 11th, 2005
7:30pm CDT

Images shot on Saturday June 11th, 2005.
Shot with a Kodak CX7300 and Sony DCR-TVR350

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clearing skies

Cherry Grove

observatory bldg

Deane grabs a bite

rolling out the BAD

Nathan rolling out the BAD

detaching handles

detaching handles

Deane explains Parracorr usage

Deane explains Parracorr usage


adjusting the primary mirror

laser collimation

Nathan attaches a laser collimator

Deane attaches a 3rd finder?

Dave sights a finder

Astro Computer




Deane takes a peek

Dave lookin at the Moon

Kevin lookin at the Moon

Nathan lookin at the Moon

Getting dark

handheld Jupiter thru BAD

Deane checks a chart

up there...

Greg sets up

Greg checks his laptop (I/R)

Greg checks his laptop (vis)

queueing for a BAD peek

what's that?

Greg works towards another Astro league award

working towards another Astro league award

Nathan takes another BAD peek

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