General Meeting
Sept 4th, 2003

Astronomy From Antarctica: A Special Presentation from the Minnesota Astronomical Society.

Astronomer and Minnesota native Karina Leppick is currently on "winter-over" in Antarctica where she will remain isolated with 200-some other "Polies" as they live through winter at the bottom of the world.

Come and join us Thursday night, September 4th, at the Science Museum of Minnesota Auditorium from 7:00 - 8:00 PM for a special presentation. Admission is FREE and everyone is welcome. We'll talk with Karina live from the South Pole, discussing astronomy from this very special vantage point and getting an idea what life is like at -120 degrees Fahrenheit.

She is working with The Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope / Remote Observatory (AST/RO) at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. AST/RO is a radio telescope that looks at the distribution of molecules in interstellar space to understand the composition of molecular clouds and how this leads to star formation and galactic structure.

The south pole is a unique environment, and one of the ideal places on earth to have a radio telescope. Since the frequencies of light that the telescope looks at are absorbed by water molecules in the atmosphere, it is advantages to be at an altitude of more than 9,300 feet with cold temperatures, resulting in an extremely low level of water between the telescope and outer space. Radio astronomy is also very different than what most people associate with astronomy. Looking at objects with detectors other than your eyes allows you to see different aspects of the sky, as well as being able to observe while the sun is up.

After the presentation, stay right there and attend the rest of the Minnesota Astronomical Society (MAS) Monthly Meeting to find out about local astronomy. Learn how and where you can attend local star parties and get a fabulous view of the night sky. How can you get a look at Mars? What else is there to see? There are so many marvelous things waiting for you to discover. The MAS can show you the way.

Images shot on Thurs Sept. 4th, 2003.
Shot with a Sony DCR-TVR350

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Ron Schmit tests the AV

Ron Schmit and Karina Leppik via Video Teleconf from the South Pole

Ron Schmit and Lisa with Karina @ South Pole

Lisa & Adam with Karina @ South Pole

Lisa & Adam with Karina @ South Pole

Fred,Lisa, Adam and Karina, all Minnesotans @ South Pole

Andy Fraser discusses the New Planetarium

Dick Jacobson discusses New 24" dob

MAS President Tim Hagen



After meeting chatting

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