"3D Star Map"

by American Tool and Toy
Where Am I, again???

Most Sci-Fi shows have the main characters planning around a 3D star map so I had to have one too.

I bought it mail order back in the 1980's from an ad in the back of an astronomy mag. I'm not sure what happened to the manufacturer, American Tool and Toy Company.

I later found a clear basketball case for it at a sports/hobby store. This has helped wear and tear and eases dusting.

The map has had a hard life, it showed up with 2 broken stars right off the bat, and it has followed me around the mid-west the past 20 yrs to many display every year. One star system is currently missing and a few stars, I had to 're-build'.

This map has appeared at many events of MN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, Mpls Planetarium, MN Space Frontier, , and Radio City.

I use the 3D star map functions of Starry Night Pro for real detailed info, or a quick Java applet @ SolStation.Com but its still cool to have a physical 3D Star map.

Basketball Case Storage Box

Basketball Case Storage Box

The Neighborhood


3D Starmap

3D Starmap

3D Starmap

3D Starmap

3D Starmap

Map Center

To Quasar 3C 273

To Galactic Nucleus

<-- Galactic Rotation this way

To Andomeda's M-31

Map Key

American Tool and Toy

Stars on the Map :
Sun, Alpha Centauri A (Where 'Lost in Space's Jupiter-2 was headed), Alpha Centauri B, Proxima Centauri (home to a Starfleet maintenance yard), Barnard's Star, Wolf 359 (Where the Borg kicked the Star Trek Federation's behind), Lalande 21185, Sirius A, Sirius B, UV Ceti A, UV Ceti B, Ross 154, Ross 248, epsilon Eridani (Home of Babylon-5), Lacaille 9352, Ross 128, Luyten789-6, Procyon A, Procyon B, 61 Cygni A, 61 Cygni B, Sigma 2398 A, Sigma 2398 B, Groombridge 34 A, Groombridge 34 B, epsilon Indi, tau Ceti

Ben Huset
MAS Outreach Chair
MN SFS Board

Photos by Ben Huset

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