Onan phone install stuff 2002
Sept 9th, 2002

Reference pics for Onan phone install stuff


Images shot on Sept 9th, 2002. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

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Monday Sept 9th, 2002

Buried Phone line starts at the rest rooms

Past horseshoes and onto Onan

Onto Onan past tennis court

towards baby bear

curving around the back of baby bear

looking back towards the rest rooms from back of babybear

curving around the back of baby bear.

under gravel path into mamma bear

inside papabear north

inside papabear south

inside mamabear south

inside mamabear north



Moss on the north side of Onan

Telephone network interface

Telephone network interface with 'security' tie wrap

Hub and ADSL

Hub and ADSL

phone on wall

Equipment Rack

Mamabear north wall A

Mamabear north wall B

Outside Onan

Outside Onan

Chart recorder

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