MAS / MN SFS @ Mall of America
June 21st, 2002

Images shot on Fri June 21st, 2002. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

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MoA Front Sign

Display Visitor

MoA Events rep Maggie Williams check out a scope

Pan A

Pan A

Pan A

Pan B

Pan B

Pan B

Kid table

Video Wall

Video Wall

Paul Wright explains Moon phases

Paul Explains Moon phases

Installing new Batteries

Doug Brown @ MOA

John Tredwell staffs the display

Radio City Handouts

Shuttle Pilot candidates train with Rick Weller

SETI Poster handouts

Video Wall

Staffing Starlab

STSPlus and Marscon Flyers

Space Models on Display

MAS and MN SFS hosted a one day Astronomy Day event at Mall of America on June 21st, 2002 as part of the Mall's Family Fun Friday series.

We featured the following attractions:

Who were those unmasked individuals who made this event great?

For MN SFS there was :

David Buth : Who brought those great models of the Space Shuttle MMU Shuttle-C Shuttle and Shuttle with ESA spacelab module, HST and helped with setup, staffing and takedown.

Ben Huset: Person wrangler, Also brought 3D Star Map, DVD player with earth views DVD, created video tape for video wall, created and printed coloring sheets and ISS Crew5 handout and STS landing certificates, ISS Model, Moon and Mars globes, helped with setup, staffing, web imaging, and takedown.

Rick Weller : Who brought his computer system with shuttle landing simulator and helped with setup, staffing the shuttle landing simulators training many future shuttle pilots and takedown.

George Anderson Helped with setup, and staffing.

Craig Borchard : Helped with setup and staffing.

Tom Greenwald : helped with Staffing and takedown.

For Mall of America there was: MOA Events rep Maggie Williams (great trouble shooter)

For MAS there was : Doug Brown : Event Wrangler who ran the event and brought his great 6" refractor scope.

Greg Haubrich - brought and staffed the Starlab planetarium, as well as gave many planetarium shows.

Charles Ellis - watched the telescope exhibit for, what seemed, forever. Kudos to him for hanging in there and helping with tear-down.

Jackie LaVaque - worked several stations. Thanks for pitching in, Jackie!

John Treadwell - manned an information table and talked to many people. [also brought his PC system with Cartes de Ceil and his 10" Dobb telescope]

Ben Huset - also worked many stations.

Paul Wright - showed people how moon phases worked. His wife made a "moon on a stick [very Minnesotan]" for kids to walk around to show how the moon's phases change as it goes around the earth.

John Marchetti - gave planetarium shows until his voice was raw and his exit pupils were the size of manhole covers from being in the dark for so long. It was a real superstar effort!

Dave Olmstead - stopped by and helped with keeping the kids from climbing all over the telescopes. Thanks for helping.

Lynn Hefferrnan - worked in a number of different capacities. plus takedown Thanks for helping, Lynn!

Victor Heiner - also filled in where he could. Thanks so much for coming out, Victor!

People who contributed stuff but couldn't be there in person: Dan Fish who sent old copies of astronomy magazines and other flyers and an iMAC computer wiht Starry Night.
Art Johnson : who lent us his video projector
Bob Bonadurer : Who contributed 200 FREE tickets to the Minneapolis Planetarium and handout materials.
Wayne McCloud : Who contribed his computer and video hardware to make the Video Wall Video
Seth Shostak : who contributed the SETI Posters
Kevin Buth : Model Builder and keeper
Rich Brown : MN SFS display cases keeper.
Thor Olson : 3D Star map cards
Mars Society : Handout materials
Marscon : Handout materials
NASA: Handout materials

Thanks everybody.


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Photos by Ben Huset

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