The Nocturnal Dial

Given to Ben Huset by MAS on Feb 5th, 2002, as a token of appreciation.

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Instruction Book Cover

Instruction Graphic

Dial set for Feb 5th, 10:30pm

Night sky view at Feb 5, 2002 10:30pm via Starry Night

Back of Dial

"Star" dials were first used in the 15th century by navigators who told time by the position of the stars. They work so well because they are based on the North Star, which is almost directly on the axis of the earthıs tilt and always appears in the same position in the sky. All the other stars seem to revolve around it.

How to use

On the reverse side are outlines of the major constellations.

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Shot with Sony Mavica FD-7.

Photos by Ben Huset

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