Onan phone install
August 19th, 2002

Work started on installing phone service @ Onan today, Aug. 19, 2002.

Bringing the phone service into babybear was discussed till it was realized that baby bear was TOTALLY surrounded by sidewalk and tunneling under and punching a hole thru the sidewalk next to the building was considered too much of a bother.

So the north side of mama bear was the 2nd best place to try. Due to a Sprint logistical snafu, the wire trenching tool was not brought so a new service order was put in.

They need to trench from the bathrooms where the phone wires are now, back to Onan.

Hopefully the phone will be connected by the end of the month. (August 2002)


Images shot on August 19th, 2002. Shot with a Vivitar ViviCam10

(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger 640x480 JPEG image)

Monday August 19th, 2002

Installing NID

Back of Babybear surrounded by sidewalk

NID on Mamabear wall

ISS display

Phone on Wall

Closeup of phone

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