MAS Onan Appreciation Event 2001
Sept 7th, 2001

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Ron Schmit cuts the cake

Ron Schmit cuts the cake

Onanites party on

Onanites party on

John Connery takes a sip

Looking at the Larson Scope

Looking at old plans

Onanites party

Bob Brose looks at the counter-weights

Onanites party on

Ron Schmit pours coffee

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation Recipients:

Gibson Batch, Steve Boike, Robert Brose II, Peter Butchko, Deane Clark, Jr., Michael Conley, John Connery, Scott Drewitz, David Eagen, Dan Fish, Andrew Fraser, Don Gazdik, William Glass, Bruce Goetteman, Carl Harstad, Thomas Hawkinson, Sam Hunt, Ben Huset, Charles Jorgensen, Michael Kauper, Michael Kibat, Steven Korzenowski, William Larson, Jacquelyn LaVaque, Stuart Levy, Brian Litecky, John Marchetti, Jim Mason, Lauren Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Jeff Niska, James Nygaard, David Olmstead, Alan Ominsky, Max Paul Radloff, David Runkle, Roy Cameron Sarver, Emma Schmidgall, Robert Schmidt, Ronald Schmit, David Sjogren, George Skinner, John Skorczewski, John Treadwell, Paul Walker, Marty Walsh, Mary Williams, Thomas Youngblood

I would like to thank everyone involved in putting together the event last night! It was a really fun time, lots of goodies to eat and good company!

It was almost staggering to see how good the observatory looks now after watching Bill Glass' slide chronicle of the construction. For me it really brought back the feeling of camaraderie as we worked our way through various obstacles.

It was also fun to hear the history of the project from so many angles and how so many people contributed in many different ways over the last 20 years...

Robert E. Brose II N0QBJ

Let me echo Bob's comments, and particularly express my gratitude to Ron Schmit, who almost single-handedly planned and executed the event. And also to Bill Glass for the 100 or so construction-related slides he shared with us last night. (Was I really THAT young-looking 4 years ago? )

I think the thing I enjoyed most was seeing the mix of people in attendance -- some who were involved with the project at the very beginning, over twenty years ago, others who have just recently completed observatory training and helped with their first public events last month.

And it was just plain fun hanging out in the "clubhouse" after the official program ended. Sitting in the dim glow of red lights, listening to "space music" on the CD player and talking with friends.

Thanks, Ron, for the wonderful time last night!


Photos by Ben Huset

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