April 28, 2001

"Bringing Astronomy to the People"

Minneapolis Planetarium,
Onan Observatory and Lake Harriet Bandshell
Minneapolis, MN

ONE DAY EACH SPRING, astronomy clubs,  planetariums, and other groups of sky lovers band  together to show the public how much fun astronomy can be. "To promote the forerunner of all scientific endeavors and to provide information, resources, and encouragement in all facets of astronomy" is the official reading, but showing that astronomy is fun is really what it's all about.

Astronomy Day is usually celebrated between mid-April and mid-May, on the Saturday closest to the first-quarter Moon. In 2001 Astronomy Day was April 28th.

Leading the local effort were members of the MN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, with help from
Mpls Planetarium, MN Space Frontier, MARSCON , Telescope Shope and Radio City.

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Nicollet Mall

Bill talks astronomy

Rod Nerdahl shows Sun Spots

Patte Rehak and Scope

Sidewalk Astronomy's Table

Wm. G. Thilgen Jr. and scope


Rod shows Sun spots

Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.

Mpls Planetarium

Mpls Planetarium

STS-100 Display

Planetarium Gift Shop

Patte Rehak

Vickie L. Harris

Wm. G. Thilgen Jr

Rod shows Sun spots

Rod shows Sun spots

Sidewalk Astronomy table

Loren Nelson and Bob Brose

Sunspots via Soho

Onan Observatory

Setting up

Space Art Gallery



: Jackie LaVaque's Solar System tour

Jeff from Telescope Shop

STS-100 Display with orbit tracking and live shuttle audio

Checkng out Prizes

Telescope Shope Passes out prizes

 A line to look at the moon

Solar Sys Slideshow

 Astronomy Nite starts

Photos by Ben Huset

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