Onan Observatory
July 21th, 2000

Norwood-Young America (Baylor Park), MN

The July 21th, 2000 star party at the Onan Observatory with the MN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY

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Cassiopeia over Onan

Sign Lite test 1

Sign Lite test 2

Sign Lite test 3

Streaked Cassiopeia over Onan

Cassiopeia over Onan

Scorpius over Onan

Big Dipper over Onan

Big Dipper over Onan

We had good weather both Friday and Saturday nights. Early Friday evening we had to wait for some pesky clouds to clear, but Saturday night was beautiful from sunset on.

The comet, C/1999 S4 (LINEAR), though not a naked eye object, was easily seen in binoculars, displaying a faint, but obvious tail. In telescopes, the coma was very bright and well defined.

Some 'non-MAS' photos of the comet are here at JPL.

Friday night we had close to 20 visitors. Saturday night we had a dozen.

Thanks to the MAS members who "officially" volunteered to help out (Joe Luhman, Ben Huset, Dave Olmstead) and to those who just showed up at the observatory both nights.

-- Michael E. Kibat

Photos by Ben Huset Shooting with Kodak GT-800 ASA film. Most exposures are 1-2 min with f2.8 28mm lens. Star trail shots are about 30 min.

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