MAS Metcalf Observatory

Pics taken at Metcalf Observatory 10/06/2000

To reach Metcalf, head east from St. Paul along Hwy. 94. About 6 miles east of the 694/494 crossing, find County Road 15, which is Manning Ave. Turn south (right turn) and immediately left onto the frontage road (Hudson Rd). Continue east on Hudson Road for about 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Indian Trail, checking the odometer as you turn. Follow Indian Trail south for just about 1.1 miles, where you'll find an unmarked chain link gate on the right, opening onto a dirt driveway with slight up-slope. That's the entrance to Metcalf, a grassy open area.

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Turning south onto Indian Trail

Telephone Pole marker

Metcalf Gate

Looking West



Looking NNE



Telescope Pads

Telescope Pier with power

Warming House


Power Breakers

Looking SSE

Looking SSW

Pier and Warming House

Driveway out

Heading Home

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