A Night at Onan

Onan Observatory
Norwood-Young America, MN

The June 24th, 2000 star party at the Onan Observatory with the MN ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY

(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger 800x532 jpg image ~200k each)

Click here to see an animated GIF of Roof rolling back.

Rolling back the Roof

Rolling back the Roof

Rolling back the Roof

Checking the star charts

Scorpius (The Scorpion) over Onan

Scorpius (The Scorpion) & Meteor over Onan

David Olmstead looks towards Ursa Major (The Great Bear)

Star Streaks around Polaris over the Larson Scope

Ursa Major (The Great Bear) over Onan

Cassiopeia (The Queen and Wife of Cepheus) over Onan

Star Arcs over Onan

Roof and doors shut, putting stuff away.

(Click on frame # to see a larger 1489x992 jpg image) ~1 meg each
01, 03, 04 Roof Roll back
06, 09, 12 Scorpius
24, 14, 16 Vertical Shots
13, 25, 26 Horizontal Shots

Photos (C) by Ben Huset June 2000
Shooting with Kodak GT-800 ASA film. Most exposures are 1-2 min with f2.8 28mm lens. Star trail shots are about 20 min.


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