Onan Door Construction Jan 7, 17-18, 2000

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Observatory in winter

small snow leaks

David Checks it out

Schweiss Office

Schweiss Office

Joe, Ralph and Dave review the work.

Ralph makes a point

Joe make a counter point

Reviewing the paper work

Checking the size

David makes an adjustment to Ralph.

David and Mr Schweiss

Setting up

removing lables

waiting for the building to warm up

Its Melting...

Unloading the door frame

Checking the fit

Bob trims some fiberglass panels

drilling frame holes

Bill and Chuck trim some more panels

Attaching the panels

Attaching more panels

Trimming the edges

The door is in! Looks great, works great!

Pic by Dave Olmstead

E-mails from David

1/8/00 9:18 AM
Subject: Onan Door Update

Hello everyone,

I thought I would fill you in on our trip to Schweiss Doors, just south
of Hector, MN.

Ralph, Ben, and I drove out yesterday to check out the door assembly.
Surprise!  It was actually underway.  Ralph went over the specs with Joe
(the welder) who made some readjustments to the skeleton framework.  I
think that Joe gets it now and the good news is that it should be done
next week!

Originally Schweiss was going to attach the translucent panels to the
door frame, in the shop.  To speed things along, I will be picking up
the panels and taking them to the observatory myself.  The panels are of
a plastic material and probably wouldn't travel that well installed and
flapping in the slipstream of the delivery truck.  The panels are
suppose to be available through Menards, so I will be paying the closest
one to me, a visit this weekend.  Schweiss will install the panels on
site after the frame is in place.  I will also pick up the panels to
complete the north end of baby Bear and the Mama-Baby transition.
Picking up all the panels for the entire building at the same time will
insure that they are the same model # and lot.  We don't want
inconsistency in the panel look.

The installation could happen as early as next week.  From experience, I
hesitate to give an exact date, or get too wound up too soon.  The
weather and install schedule, of the manufacturer, will all play into
the date for installation.

Another factor affecting installation is our ability to assemble a crew
to prepare the building for the door.  We need to have perhaps four of
us on hand, early the day of, to take down the wood structure and move
the door to it's furthest closed position.  This will probably need to
happen during the week and not on the weekend.  We will need some
muscle.  Also we will need to coordinate the whole thing when Ralph is
around.  I would feel much better if he were on hand to supervise these

So much for our winter hiatus!  After the door come the interior
lights.  Spring will bring exterior flashing, the completion of
transitions and the north end of Baby Bear and of course landscaping
chores.   So that's about it for now.  I will try to provide further
news as it happens.

Dave O.

1/12/00 9:36 PM Subject: Breaking News! Door Installation Draws Near! Hello all, I received a call from the door manufacturer today. They would like to try for installation on this coming Monday, the 17th. I have been busy trying to recruit enough people to be on hand Monday morning, to help remove the temporary wood closure. I now think we will have a sufficient crew. Tomorrow morning I will be calling Schweiss Doors to confirm that we can proceed with the plans for Monday. I will update everyone after I speak with Schweiss. If any of you would like to join us, on what appears to be Monday, please do. Questions? Give me a buzz. Dave O.
Mon Jan 17, 2000 9:03 PM Subject: Long Day At Onan! Hello all, Eight MAS members and two installers from Schweiss Doors spent a long day at Onan today. We fully planned to sit back and watch the door being installed, with minimal effort on our part, but found ourselves grunts for the day. We sawed panels all day and walked away white with fiberglass dust. The door was fully assembled on the floor of Papa Bear and is still lying there this evening. Everything is taking much longer than anticipated. Tomorrow morning Ralph and I will drive out once more and hopefully by noon Schweiss will have the door installed and operational. I could get quite lengthy, with a blow by blow report of the day, but the truth is that I am beat, as is everyone. I will inform you all tomorrow on how the door functions and looks. Things will be fine but we aren't there yet. Thanks to our hard working crew today! Dave O.
Jan 19, 2000 5:31 PM Subject: Doors In! Hello gang, The door is in! Looks great, works great! I'll write more when I am able. Dave O.

Photos by Ben Huset

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