MN SFS & MAS @ Bailey Elementary Hands-On Science Family Nite
March 11th, 2003

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??? & Ben Huset @ Bailey Elementary

Craig Borchard demos 'Toys in Space'. ISS tracking and ISS model in foreground

'Toys in Space' Experimenter

'Toys in Space' Experimenter

A Future Astronaut in training practices shuttle landings

A peek thru MAS's telescope

Bailey School [file photo]

Shuttle landings software

ISS Crew 6 photo handout

MN Space Frontier and MN Astronomical Society once again returned to Bailey Elementary's Hand's On Science Family Night.

Joining with dozens of other groups and businesses they put on displays visited by hundreds of kids and parents and teachers showing a bit of the fun of Science in the work place and home hobbies. Each group put up a display table that was staffed by its members.

Under a light falling of snow hundreds of students and parents were amazed and delighted to the wonders of space at "Hands On Science" family event.

The event was held at Bailey Elementary School in Woodbury, Minnesota last tuesday 3/11/03.

MAS and MN SFS were there as we have for many years in the past.

With an opportunity to look thru the new MAS 8" meade scope, sadly only at a basketball net across the grounds, *&@! snow, students and parents still lined up and they were still amazed. They were also invited to attend the various MAS star parties later this year. Also in the MAS display were a laptop slide show of past MAS events and pick up back issues of 'Gemini' newsletter and other MAS handouts.

MN SFS offered a chance to try to land the space shuttle and experiment with 'Toys in Space'. See a 1:144 model of International Space station in its current configuration, 3-D star map of 26 nearby stars, and take home their own astronaut photos, including ISS crew 6 and STS-107 and make their own paper cutout shuttles.

My thanks to Jim Cran and Craig Borchard who helped staff the MAS/MN SFS displays, NASA Glenn for supplying some of the photos and handouts and Jen Aamodt "Hands on Science" Coordinator for inviting us again.

Ben Huset
MAS Outreach Chair
MN SFS Board

Photos by Jen Aamodt

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