MN SFS & MAS @ Bailey Elementary Hands-On Science Family Nite
April 4th, 2000

MN Space Frontier and MN Astronomical Society once again returned with top billing to Bailey Elementary's Hand's On Science Family Night.

Joining with dozens of other groups and businesses they put on displays visited by hundreds of kids and parents and teachers showing a bit of the fun of Science in the work place and home hobbies. Each group put up a display table that was staffed by its members.

MAS President and MN SFS Asst. Dir. Ben Huset did double duty bouncing between both tables which were located next to each other, Jim Cran helped out with the MN SFS table and Dave Runkle, Tim and Sarah Sinks helped staff the table and their telescopes added to the display for MAS.

Early on Sun spot observing was quite popular until sunset.

Inside MN SFS's Shuttle landing simulator as well as the 1/3 scale remote control Mars Rover drew their usual large crowds. Astronaut trainees that did well got a certificate for the shuttle simulator.

Visitors received a picture of the STS-101 crew scheduled to return to NASA's international space station later this month and the crew of Soyuz TM-30 which had launched to Mir Space Station earlier that day. Also passed out were International Space Station Lithos.

Our thanks once again to Bailey School's Principal Dr Gail Githens and Susan Sabongi Volunteer Science Coordinator and their great staff for hosting this great annual event and a special thanks to the parents and kids who stopped by our displays.


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Bailey Elementary

Entry Sign

Sign in table

Sign in table

A Future Astronaut in training practices shuttle landings

MAS's Dave Runkle explains a notebook computer display

MAS's Tim Sinks oversees Sunspot observing

Sunspot observing

Sunspot observing

Sunspot observing

MAS Display

Jim Cran @ MN SFS Display

MAS Display

Future Telerobotics operator checks out MN SFS's Remote Control Mars Rover

Mars Rover Driving

Mars Rover Driving

Other Display Tables

3M's Liquid Nitrogen Display

Dental Display and 'Tooth TV'

Jim Cran explains Space station handout

Mars Rover Driving

Creepy Crawlies next to MN SFS display.

Crawfish and other stuff

MAS Display

MAS Display

Ben Huset @ MN SFS Display

Land the shuttle and get this certificate

Shuttle Software 'Precision Approach' and Shuttle model

Miss Sinks explains some of the MAS display

Soyuz TM-30 Crew

STS-101 Crew

Photos by Ben Huset

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