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MDRS Web Cams
Thanks for checking in to see what is happening
NOW at the MDRS hab.

The MDRS 2011-2012 Season is Over, Check back in the fall

latest pic from MDRS astro-cam
Outside hab cam

latest pic from MDRS astro-cam south
Outside hab South cam

latest pic from MDRS 2nd floor west
2nd floor West

latest pic from MDRS bluecam
2nd Floor East

latest pic from MDRS 2nd Floor East
latest pic from MDRS 1st floor East
1st Floor East

All times are US Mountain Time

2013-14 MDRS Crews

Crew 131  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Commander Jason Kring, Ph.D.

Crew 132  Mars Society Team
Commander Nick Orenstein

Crew 133  University of North Dakota
Commander Paula Crock

Crew 134  Mars Team UK [United Kingdom]
Commander Ashley Dale

Crew 135  RAR Team [Czech Republic]
Commander Ondrej Doule, Ph.D.

Crew 136  Mission to Mars UCL [Belgium]
Commander Corentin Liber

Crew 137  Team Nippon [Japan]
Commander Hiroyuki Mirajima, Ph.D.

Crew 138  Mars Society Team
Commander Jamie Guined

Crew 139  Lone Star Highlanders
Commander April Andreas, Ph.D.

Crew 140  Team Peru II [Peru]
Commander Hugo Aguero

Crew 141  Mars Society Team
Commander Alejandro Diaz, Ph.D.

Hanksville, UT Weather @ Weather Underground

Heavens-Above for Hanksville, UT

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Note: this pics are fed only as our resources permit.

If the laptops are needed elsewhere the pics won't be updated till later.

Also our internet connection leaves something to be desired.

This page 'should' refresh every 3 min with new pics.

Welcome to The Mars Society - To Explore and Settle the New World. Image courtesy Mars Society member Jon Wiley.

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Webcam Hardware and Software donated by Ben Huset of MN SFS and a team member of (MDRS Crew #34), (MDRS Crew #42), (MDRS Crew #45), (MDRS Crew #51), and (MDRS Crew #62)

and Betty Skov at Logitech logoLogitech

MDRS Web cam site hosted by Free Mars, a project of MN SFS.

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