Silver's Theme


From the Brotherhood of the Black Flag

One light, in the darkness --
One face, in the void --
One star I've been seeking,
One fate -- I can't avoid.

I never thought that you could be my own
That spark that shone, oh, so brightly
But when you fell
     Into my hands
My secret hopes rose to smite me.

Burn, burn, it won't matter
Scorch me, sear me, I don't care
Pain is better than emptiness --
It lets me know you're there.

(One light, one light, one light....)

I always knew that I could not have you
My deeds demand retribution
Just walk away
     My life's no loss
I've no regret, no confusion


One light, in the darkness --
One heart learned to beat --
One love I have tasted,
One fate -- I go to meet.

Copyright © 2006 Michelle Bottorff