Ship of Dreams


I wrote this tune for a poem found in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonsinger, at the beginning of Chapter 5. I then later wrote my own words to it.

My dream-born craft sets sail each night
Wings over the endless sea.
Wind-swift she flies across the tides
With all of the world to see.
The blues and greens of inlets cool
And the golden sunset glow:
A rainbow of visions new and wild--
Gather ev'ry where I go.

My star-bright ship has silver scales
A thundering fiery tail.
Hope's child, space-bound for worlds unknown
She blazes a brand new trail.
And when my eyes are closed in sleep,
Then I see her shining bright
And dream of worlds we'll someday know--
As they glow in blackest night.

The ship of dreams I build each night,
Can sail in the light of day:
The child of wonder glowing bright
To lighten my stormy way
So when I drift on sea tossed dreams
Or through nights' dark spaceways roam,
I gather each shoal and bay and star--
And triumphant bring them home!

Copyright © 1998 Michelle Bottorff