From the Brotherhood of the Black Flag

I don't waste my time in regretting. I admit a mistake and move on.
My pitiful prey I don't deign hate: swatting flies is a waste of my brawn.
But I know some things do need correcting. And that you still are living is one.
Take pride, if you will, that you're worthy to kill...
    You're a rat. You're a skunk. You are scum.

I joined in your schemes, you betrayed me. A mistake that you'll never make twice.
Remember my friend, that you named this game and the name that you chose wasn't nice.
I guess you thought I wouldn't notice, when you altered our plans just a bit.
If you think I'll stand still while you close for the kill...
    You're naive. You're a fool. You're a twit.

Through the darkness of space I will hunt you. When I find you this lesson you'll learn:
When you hurt your brothers and cheat your friends, in the end you'll have nowhere to turn.
So run away, hide, I will follow. It's what I've decided to do.
I've no speeches to say, I'll just blow you away...
    'Cause you're mold. You are slime. You're the dust beneath my boot soles...
    But who cares? Say your prayers. You are through.

Copyright © 2007 Michelle Bottorff