Tech Envy


I wanted to write a computer song that wouldn't be outdated as quickly as "Gotta Get an iMac" was.

I suffer the torments of computer envy
I see what the other guy has and I drool
It always seems smaller, and slicker and faster
It holds much more stuff, and it looks twice as kewl!

     I want More, MORE! More, more, more, more
     More drives, and more cards, and more fancy new screens
     More gadgets, more gizmos, more tech toys to play with
     They sing to me sweetly and dance in my dreams.

With software I yearn for the latest revisions
I read of new features with tears in my eye!
There's no chance that I can afford any upgrades
When the hardware to run them has drained my purse dry


I'm chasing my tail and what's worst is -- I know it!
I pray for deliverence but fear it's too late!
I save up my money, at last I can buy it--
Then the next model's out, and my toy's out of date!


Copyright © 2003 Michelle Bottorff