The Lost


We are the Lost. We went astray.
We followed the little folk home on that day.
They won't let us out. We can't go home.
In twilight and shadow forever we'll roam.

     The Queen of the Night
     Adores the children of Light
     And I will bind, from all their kind
     Any child I find!

Lonely I played, to my surprise,
I found a small man with black hair and green eyes.
My fingers he bit. Dared me to race.
I stupidly chased him right back to this place.

I heard a song, mus-ic so fair!
I searched for the singer but no-one was there.
Ahead I could hear, sweet as before.
I followed that singing all over the moor.

We saw a girl, with rain-bow wings,
So small she could hide in the grass by the swings.
We asked her to come, she ran away.
But all that we want-ed to do was to play.

     Children, mine to keep
     And mine the tears you all weep
     Fort Mortal woes delight me so
     And you may not go!

Copyright © 2002 Michelle Bottorff