The Lich of Glasgoch Hill


This song was inspired by someone asking "What are Bards good for, anyway?" in a Rolegaming disscussion group.

It was Blazat, Greymoire, Nyori and Me
Four against the Perilous Three
The Dire Beast,
The Maddened King,
And the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

Nyori knelt and prayed to her Goddess fell
Greymoire checked each wand, staff and spell
And Blazat slew,
Whilst I just knew
Of the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

Oh the Beast was strong and could not be struck
By steel or spell, or god favored luck,
But stories old
His bane had told
And I knew his weakness well.

So I told the tale and quickly we found
A simple weed to a blest arrow bound
And Blazat aimed
The vict'ry gain'd
And our quest was started well.

Now the Mad King with his armies galore
What use 'gainst such is a poor singer's lore?
I sang a song
Of King done wrong
By the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

So the Mad King rose and went off to fight
The deathless Lich in the dead of the night
His army fell
And he as well
To the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

"Now we face the Lich," and they looked at me.
"You do the bashing, I'll climb a tree!"
No bardic tongue
Could overcome
The dread Lich of Glosgoch Hill.

For the Lich, I knew, was centuries old
Strong in spell, and evil, and gold
And no-one knew
His weakness true
At least so I had been told.

But with time the thought eventually came
The way we yet might learn of his bane.
The one who knew
His weakness true...
...Was the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

Like a lord I dressed, and cheery and bold
I came and called at the door of his hold
Mid death and shade
A bluff I played.
On the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

For I offered there, to the deathless lord
Long ages old, and endlessly bored,
A tale a day,
My lodgings pay
To the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

"For the Mad King's friends do hunt me," I said
"You know 'tis by my doing he's dead."
And in my eye
I held the lie
I could kill the Lich as well.

Like a fly I entered the spider's lair
And each and ev'ry day I was there
I acted bold
And stories told
To the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

And he wondered always, what did I know?
So the tales I told bewildered him so
For all bespoke
Of powers broke
And he wondered what it meant

And I prayed each day that he'd never know
When my tales struck home, his tenseness would show
Though starting blind
In time I'd find
That which only he could know

So I felt my way to knowing his bane
And smiled, and laughed, and quipped, danced and sang--
Though in my head
Was quiv'ring dread
Of the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

And then from the clues I crafted his tale
If I guessed wrong, my mission would fail
But rage and fear
The answer clear
From the Lich of Glasgoch Hill

I bespoke the spell that Greymoire had leant,
And quick and clear the message was sent
My friends now knew
What they must do
To the Lich of Glasgoch Hill

But then what of me? Well Nyori did bless,
And I'd learned the land -- I've a chance then I guess
I'll run and hide
And sneak and slide
From the Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

If they come not soon, my whole tale is told.
In shadow ends, in Glasgoch's dark hold.
But bardic skill
Defeated still
The dread Lich of Glasgoch Hill.

Copyright © 1999, 2001 Michelle Bottorff

When I created this song it was written quickly, and half way through I got stuck, so I posted the first half, with the words 'to be continued.' But by the time I knew how the second half went, I was disappointed that no one had expressed an interest in the first half, and I never bothered to type out the second half.
The second half has now been provided curtesy of Robin Holly, who took the time to ask me what happened next. I hope she finds it worth the trouble.