Black is the Color


I once was walking along a path
I loved to pass that way
But my joy soon turn to wrath
A gypsy blocked my way
"The gypsy folk have certain ways
To know what one can't see
So listen to what a gypsy says"
That's what they say to me.

The Gypsy lady has dark eyes,
And dark, dark hair
She says the color black, the color black,
Will mean to you, "Beware!"
She sees the past and future
Strange voices she can hear
Black is the color, I'll tell you again
Black is the color of fear.

She talked to me of my mother
And of my father too
She said things known to non other
I shivered when she was through
It is wrong that such a lady
In bright but ragged clothes
Could tell me my secrets shady
How is it that she knows


Copyright © 1989 Michelle Bottorff