Google-Eyed Aliens from Mars


Last spring those ghastly things came out from their hiding place on Mars
They don't fool me with their silly talk of travel from distant stars
They said they came from elsewhere, to sooth our petty fears,
But if you'd read The Star you'd know they've examined us for years.

There are google-eyed aliens attacking us from Mars!
Their spies are hanging out in all the laundromats and bars.
Don't believe they come in peace, don't mind what the President says;
I tell you they control his mind with their deadly sonic rays!

They do look kinda pretty, and they can talk a real slick line,
And claim that their only joy in life is meeting with other kind
But that is just to fool us, you listen good to me
They'll soon take off their faces then they will eat us, like on "V."


So while we're sitting stupidly, unprepared and docile, then
Those friendly guys from alien skies will subjugate all our men.
They'll ravish all our women, and animate our dead
When I find out who let them land I am blowing off his head!


Copyright © 1997 Michelle Bottorff